Alignment Washers are designed to add versatility to the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Cards.


(Please Note these Washers are ONLY useful to you if you already have a Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card.)

Each Washer is made to fit snug in the Coin Hole of a specific Card. The inside diameter of the Washer is made to accept a specific Coin that would be smaller than the original Coin Hole in the Card. For example a Card made to punch a 1/2" hole in a US Half Dollar - when fitted with an Alignment Washer for a US Quarter (US Half x US Quarter), would allow the user to punch a 1/2" hole in either a US Half Dollar or a US Quarter.

In a similar way, there is a Washer for the US Large Dollar Card (US Lg Dollar x US Half Dollar) that is made to accept a US Half Dollar. With this Washer inserted into the Large Dollar Card, the user may then punch the same size hole in a US Half Dollar.