Set of 4 Washers for use in the Harbor-Freight 9-Piece Punch and Die Set (Two required under each screw, plus the washer that came with the set.) Please Note, the Washers I provide may be Zinc-Plated Steel or Black ABS Plastic, whichever I have on hand at the time.


The combined thickness of your coin, when inserted into the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card (CPAC) may exceed the spacing between the top plate and the die plate of some Punch and Die sets. (The Harbor-Freight Set is one of those Punch and Die Sets.)  If this occurs, you will need to disassemble the top plate from the die plate and insert extra spacer washers. When reassembling the top plate, be sure you properly align it with the holes in the die plate. Insert several of the punches through the top plate and insure they drop freely into the die plate. Then tighten the hold-down screws and check the clearance and alignment a second time. 

Note: Coins, Coin Punch Alignment Cards and Punch and Die Sets are shown for illustration purposes only. They ARE NOT included with the set of Spacer Washers.

Spacer Washers for H-F Punch and Die Set