The Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card (Ross CPAC) was designed as a simple yet extremely accurate coin ring maker’s tool to aid in punching a hole in the center of a coin. EACH SINGLE CARD handles 1 specific coin size and 1 punch size. New TEXTURED look and feel.


THIS PARTICULAR CARD IS PRE-MADE AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. Please note the photos are representative of my cards. This Card is for the US Half Dollars (1.205" Dia.) and has a 1/2" punch hole. Please tell me at Checkout if you are using the Pepetools Punch Set.

INSTRUCTIONS - The use of the Ross CPAC is fairly self-explanatory; however I have prepared a very informative set of Instructions. You may DOWNLOAD them for FREE by going to the Ross CPAC Information page.

Since this is a Custom Made-to-Order Item, I cannot do Returns, Exchanges or Refunds.

Note: Coins and Punch and Die Sets are shown for illustration purposes only. They ARE NOT included with the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card.

Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card US Half Dollar - 1/2" Punch Hole