The Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card (Ross CPAC) was designed as a simple yet extremely accurate coin ring maker’s tool to aid in punching a hole in the center of a coin. New TEXTURED look and feel.

EACH SINGLE CARD handles 1 specific coin size and 1 punch size.

The Ross CPAC is not mass-produced, but rather is Made-to-Order after receiving the customer specifications. It is fabricated using a proprietary process and special machine tools of my own design. Please tell me at Checkout if you are using the Pepetools Punch Set.

I can accommodate punch sizes in the range of 1/4" to 1", in fractional increments. If ordering several Cards, Shipping will be combined under one charge. Please allow 2 to 3 days for me to make your Custom Order (multiple cards could take a little longer). 

There are NO WASHERS to mess with. Just a single card where you place the coin into one side of it, place it in a Punch and Die set, and put the punch into the alignment hole on the opposite side of the card.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with many of the popular Punch and Die Sets, such as Harbor-Freight, Pepetools or Swanstrom.

Although a simple yet highly accurate device, it is also relatively inexpensive. Low cost allows those just starting out to accurately center punch a single type of coin, or a small variety of different coins without making a large investment in more costly specially machined coin punch sets. Thus, the beginning coin ring maker can get started for relatively small cost and then determine if they want to expand their hobby and tool set at a later time.

Additionally, the Ross CPAC appeals to the established coin ring maker as well. Since each one is custom made, it can be made for ANY size of Coin or Round that will not fit in your steel machined coin punch sets. I make your Ross CPAC to the specifications you furnish, thus any odd-sized coin can be center punched with this custom made tool.

I can ship several Cards in the same envelope, so if you order more than one, you will only pay one Shipping Cost. However, you must combine multiple Card orders in a Single Cart before checking out. I cannot combine individual orders if ordered separately.

INSTRUCTIONS - The use of the Ross CPAC is fairly self-explanatory; however I have prepared a very informative set of Instructions. You may DOWNLOAD them for FREE from my Ross CPAC Information page, on this site.

Since this is a Custom Made-to-Order Item, I cannot do Returns, Exchanges or Refunds.

Note: Coins and Punch and Die Sets are shown for illustration purposes only. They ARE NOT included with the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card.

Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card - Custom Coin Diameter

Punch Hole Size