The Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card (Ross CPAC) was designed as a simple yet extremely accurate coin ring maker’s tool to aid in punching a hole in the center of a coin. EACH SINGLE CARD handles 1 specific coin size and 1 punch size. New TEXTURED look and feel.


THIS PARTICULAR CARD IS PRE-MADE AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. Please note the photos are representative of my cards. This Card is for the US Quarter (.955" Dia.) and has a 7/16" punch hole. Please tell me at Checkout if you are using the Pepetools Punch Set.

INSTRUCTIONS - The use of the Ross CPAC is fairly self-explanatory; however I have prepared a very informative set of Instructions. You may DOWNLOAD them for FREE by going to the Ross CPAC Information page.

Since this is a Custom Made-to-Order Item, I cannot do Returns, Exchanges or Refunds.

Note: Coins and Punch and Die Sets are shown for illustration purposes only. They ARE NOT included with the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card.

Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card US Quarter - 7/16" Punch Hole