Coin Ring Maker Starter Kit of Ross Coin Punch Alignment Cards - This kit was put together for those wanting to get started in the hobby of making Rings from ordinary US Coins.


The Kit includes 3 of my most popular Coin Punch Alignment Cards and a Set of Spacer Washers for a Harbor-Freight Punch and Die Set.

  • US Quarter .955 x 3/8" Punch Hole
  • US Quarter .955 x 1/2" Punch Hole
  • US Half Dollar 1.205 x 1/2" Punch Hole
  • Spacer Washers for H-F Punch and Die Set (4) 
  • User Instructions (Four pages with illustrations, tips and how to use the Ross CPAC)


The Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card (Ross CPAC) was designed as a simple yet extremely accurate coin ring maker’s tool to aid in punching a hole in the center of a coin. EACH SINGLE CARD handles 1 specific coin size and 1 punch size. New TEXTURED look and feel.

Note: Coins and Punch and Die Sets are shown for illustration purposes only. They ARE NOT included with the Starter Kit.


Coin Ring Maker Starter Kit - Ross CPAC