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Customer Testimonials

June 06, 2019

5 Stars

I really appreciate the quality of the cards my rings turn out, perfect every time here's some pics of my rings Thanks again Adam.

Adam H.

Clarksville, TN

April 15, 2019

5 Stars

Thanks a lot for all the help and ideas during the phone call. I received the cards in only 3 days and they work great.  I will order some others for my silver dollar later in the month. TNX again.

Harold R.

Jackson, MS

February 02, 2019

5 Stars

Thank you so much for developing and making your Cards available. I can tell you that marking lines on a coin and then using them to center up on is a lot more trouble. And when I did that the punch hole was still not centered correctly. Your Cards make the centering so easy. I'll be ordering more I'm sure.

Frank G.

Duluth, MN

December 01, 2018

5 Stars

I appreciate you for this idea, man. It's gonna cut down my time finding center dramatically. Thanks for your service as well!

Matthew B.

Cleveland, GA

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These are a scant few of the testimonials I have received. I have over 150 others in my files.  

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