Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card

(Ross CPAC)

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The Ross CPAC was designed as a simple yet extremely accurate coin ring maker’s tool to aid in punching a hole in the center of a coin.

The Ross CPAC is intended to be used in conjunction with ordinary Punch and Die Sets. Two of the most popular would be the 9-piece Punch and Die set from Harbor Freight, or the Pepetools Premium Disc Cutter 196.10N. There are other disc cutters, some made by Swanstrom, which should work as well. These punch and die sets are typically used with a hydraulic press, an arbor press or perhaps a heavy weighted hammer. I recommend some type of press rather than the heavy hammer because there is less chance of the punch (or coin) bouncing and causing an off-center hole or other damage.

Features of the Ross CPAC

The Ross CPAC is not mass-produced, but rather is Made-to-Order after receiving the customer specifications. The Ross CPAC is fabricated using a proprietary technique and special machine tools of my own design. This special machine setup is necessary to achieve the desired accuracy necessary for coin ring making.

The Ross CPAC, being a simple yet highly accurate device, is also relatively inexpensive. Low cost allows those just starting out to accurately center punch a single type of coin, or a small variety of different coins without making a large investment in more costly specially machined coin punch sets. Thus, the beginning coin ring maker can get started for relatively small cost and then determine if they want to expand their hobby and tool set at a later time.

Additionally, the Ross CPAC appeals to the established coin ring maker as well.  Since each Ross CPAC is custom made, a Ross CPAC can be made for ANY size of Coin or Round that will not fit in your steel machined coin punch sets. I make your Ross CPAC to the specifications you furnish, thus any odd-sized coin can be center punched with this custom made tool, and a Punch and Die set.

Using the Ross CPAC

Each Ross CPAC is intended to align a specific size of punch, in the center of a specific size of coin.


For instance, say you want to punch a 7/16” diameter hole in a US Quarter coin. There is a single Ross CPAC made just for that combination of punch and coin size. If you desire to punch a 1/2" diameter hole in a US Quarter coin that would require a different Ross CPAC

Using the Ross CPAC is simple and quick.  


  • Orient the Ross CPAC so the “coin” hole is facing up, and the (smaller) punch alignment hole is facing down.

  • Insert your coin into the coin hole on that side of the Card.

  • Turn the Card over and place it under the top plate or cover plate of your chosen Punch and Die set. (Note: The Harbor-Freight and other punch sets like it, will require some extra spacer washers.) 

  • Drop the appropriate size of punch through the top/cover plate and while gently moving the card around, feel when the punch may be inserted into the Punch hole of the Card.

  • Check one last time to be sure the punch is sitting ON TOP and AGAINST the coin. With the Punch seated against the coin, the Card is now captive in the die set. Carefully place the die and punch into the appropriate press, and punch the hole in the coin. 

  • Remove the die set from the press.

  • Remove the Ross CPAC from the die set and remove the coin from the card. Each card has a small hole at the edge of the coin hole. Use a ball-point pen thru the hole to easily dislodge the coin.

Check out this great video review of the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card done by Skyler Jenkins.  Skyler is the owner/operator of The Mint - Change You Can Wear, a master craftsman of coin rings.

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