Like so many others, I started out making coin rings with a hammer, a torch and a mandrel. As my techniques improved, I began to spend more time thinking about how my tool set could be improved.  I designed several improved tools and found that my improvements were welcomed by other coin ring makers.  One of the most popular and unique tools is the Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card (CPAC).  


My Ross Coin Punch Alignment Card, has become increasingly popular with those just starting out and learning the craft of making coin rings.  Popularity is driven by the fact that it works extremely well, is economical for the beginner and custom made cards can be made on request and shipped, usually the same day I receive the order.


I am a veteran of the US Army, and the single craftsman responsible for each of my products. All of my products originate from my smoke-free home workshop, located in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Thanks a lot for your interest and I look forward to providing you with an economical and  superior product.